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A Significant portion of the profits go to Autistic and Asperger organizations that help families and individuals affected by this challenge.

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A significant portion of the profits will go to grass-roots community organizations that help families affected by Autism and/or Aspergers.

All organizations will be carefully selected to assure that donations get into the hands of those who need it the most. AngelArts welcomes ideas for worthy organizations and projects. Philosophically, the publisher does not subscribe to the views of Autism Speaks. Therefore no monies will go to that organization.

About the profits

What are my guidelines?

I am looking for inspiring stories, poems, and videos that show how God used ordinary people during the challenges of dealing with Autism and/or Aspergers. How did God use that situation in your life? How was He working in the midst of it?

I am also looking for visual art that relates to this topic. This can include photography and/or fine art. You must submit a high resolution digital file (300 ppi) before the deadline. You may submit a low rez file for my consideration.

Submissions from children are more than welcome! All submissions must be family friendly.

As publisher, I reserve the right to edit written pieces for grammatical errors, punctuation, etc. I will give you opportunity to approve these changes if needed. If that is the case, timely response is crucial. If I do not receive it back in time, your piece may have to be dropped from publication.

As the creator of any written or artistic pieces, you own full copyrights. You do grant me permission to use your creative work for promotional purposes.

Accepted submissions will receive a free ebook as compensation. Stories 250–2,000 words.

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