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Help Autism and Asperger Families through Ad Sponsorship

Revenue goes toward expenses of promoting and producing the book. A significant portion of the profits go toward organizations that help families experiences these challenges.

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Become a Sponsor

How can you help the Autistic?

Ad Sponsorships

Become a business sponsor by purchasing advertising. All sponsorships include ad placement in digital version, app version, and printed version. Ad sponsorships include mentions in social media and mailing list platforms.

All digital versions will be sold via online through AngelArts’ business and faith networks as well as through local businesses in Colorado Springs. It will be promoted online as well as locally through ongoing publicity campaigns. The goal is to sell at least 1,000 copies of the digital version and 500 of the printed version. The printed version will be available on Amazon and the app will be available in app stores when developed. You will also be mentioned in my new radio show and possibly have a chance to be interviewed!

The sooner you purchase the better as ads will be placed on a first come, first served basis. Also, sponsorship revenue helps fund promotion efforts. A portion (30% or more) of the profits will go to organizations that directly benefit families.

Click on the “Buy Now” button below the desired ad. You will be directed to my secure server where you can complete your order. PayPal and Credit Cards accepted. Then send JPG files according to the specs below to Dana Susan Beasley at Also send your logo. Be sure the specifications are correct and you send the hyperlink you want the ad to be directed to. The printed version will be printed in color and dimensions are approximately 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Email or call if you have questions.

Need help with design? Please email Dana. She can create your ad for a reasonable price. A portion of the design profits will go to this cause as well.





  1. Cover art by Sam Beasley, the publisher’s son

Basic Ad Sponsorship

  1. 521 pixels x 521 pixels

  2. 300 ppi

Standard Ad Sponsorship

  1. 1/4 page

  2. 1050 pixels x 1050 pixels

  3. 300 ppi

Premium Ad Sponsorship

  1. Print: Full Page

  2. 2100 pixels x 2100 pixels

  3. 300 ppi

Deluxe Ad Sponsorship

  1. 1/2 Page

  2. 2100 pixels x 1050 pixels

  3. 300 ppi


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