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Rise Above Your Challenges with these Books and Ebooks

A portion of profits go to help people experiencing difficulties with various issues and hardships.

What is Angels in the Midst? Angels in the Midst is an arts anthology series that includes stories, poetry, videos, artwork, and photography surrounding life’s various challenges.

The series inspires people to reach new heights in their lives and beyond. The theme of the books is how God works through ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The stories and artwork describes how God works through challenges and tragedies to bring beauty out of ashes. No matter what hardship you face, you will be encouraged by these books!

How did Angels in the Midst start? Angels in the Midst started after the Black Forest fires in Colorado. An idea came to AngelArts’ publisher Dana Susan Beasley to create a book called Angels in the Midst: Rising Above the Fires and Floods of Colorado. She started sharing the idea with close friends and associates and received a groundswell of support. As the idea developed into a publication, she realized she was creating an anthology series, a desire she had held for over 24 years. At the time, her business was suffering and she didn’t know how it was going to continue. God used the Angels in the Midst book to bring her business out of the ashes and to make it into something beautiful.

What is Blooming Originals? Blooming Originals is the inspirational publishing imprint of AngelArts. It creates opportunities for aspiring artists and writers to be published. It combines excellent art and literature into beautiful publications that inspires people to reach new heights in their lives and beyond.

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