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Custom Branding,

Design, and Publishing!

AngelArts Services

How can I support you in your journey? Here are some personalized ways I can help:

Customized Branding, Graphics & Marketing Coaching, Training, Consulting and Services

View the AngelArts Capabilities Portfolio by clicking on the “Start Slideshow” link below or scroll all the way down the page. Or watch the video on the right.

FREE Brand Identity Quest Strategy Session

Not sure where to start? Want a jump-start on your quest to build or improve a business? Need help in creating your brand?

Sign up for a free half-hour session with me. I will give you your own customized Roadmap to Success!

    Learn more and apply by clicking here now!

FREE Creative Genius Strategy Session

Have a specific graphic design, marketing, or publishing project in mind? Not sure where to start? Need another opinion? Grab some time with me in my free Creative Genius Strategy Session!

    Learn more and apply by clicking here now!

Brand Identity Development and Strategy Planning

Through my Brand Identity Makeover program, I will help you uncover your unique authentic identity, including a thorough brand analysis, a new logo, and strategic implementation plan. I do this through my Brand Identity Makeover packages and I have one to fit every budget. I give generous discounts to students, so if you want to start small and build up, you will have it all covered!

    Learn more and join by clicking here now!

Custom Publishing and Design through My Creative Genius Services

like website banners and buttons, business cards, brochures, newsletters, and marketing materials to support your brand, as well as eBooks, books, book covers, magazines, cards, CD/DVD album covers and more. Initial consultations are always free. Click here to find out more.

    Learn more and schedule your free initial consultation here!

    Want to know about logo design? Click here!

    Want to know about book cover design? Click here!

Write, Edit and CreateSpace Setup

books, web sites, flyers, blogs, ads, expense reports, newsletters, video scripts, radio commercials, and more. Service to get new authors on CreateSpace.

Speak and Give Customized Workshops

I will speak to your group about brand identity building, marketing, creating newsletters, writing, creativity, creating custom cards. I can customize any of my programs specifically for your group.

    Call me at 719-212-8977 if interested or email me at communications@angelarts.biz

Logo embroidery

on t-shirts, jackets, golf shirts, and more!

    Call me at 719-212-8977 if interested or email me at communications@angelarts.biz

Promotional branded products

like mugs, pens, calendars, letter openers. Whatever you can imagine! 

    Call me at 719-212-8977 if interested or email me at communications@angelarts.biz

Logo imprints

on greeting cards, art cards, and more. Custom greetings available, too!

Initial consultation and estimates for custom design are always free, so contact me today to see how I can help you reach new heights in your brand marketing and communication materials. Call me at 719-212-8977 if interested or email me at communications@angelarts.biz. Or schedule your free initial consultation here!

Love art, hate marketing?

My agency can be of benefit to you! Request my Artists' Guidelines and join my Angel Network to see how AngelArts can promote your artwork. All coming soon! Or contact me today to find out more. I am looking for all kinds of artists to be featured in my web site, especially in my boutique! Find out how you can reach new heights in your art marketing!

Make Your Pets into Inspirational Art!

Your picture can be made into a treasured painting on canvas! Click here for details!

Your Child’s Artwork Will Shine!

Find out how AngelArts can transform your children’s artwork into delightful cards and gift sets. These make great gifts and are effective fundraisers for charities. Click here for a presentation to find out more. Contact me today to schedule your child’s art transformation!

Want Ongoing Information?

Check out my blog, Brand Identity Mentor. This blog is full of gold nuggets of information that will help you as you develop branding in marketing.

Check out my boutique, services, inspirational web gallery, poetry readings, blogs and stories!

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