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Who Am I Anyway

and What in the World

Do I DO?

About AngelArts

Refreshment. Joy. Peace. Blessings. You want to be filled with these wonderful attributes of a fulfilling life but insurmountable objects stand in your way.

The mission of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency, Publishing House, and Enrichment Program, is to help homeschooling families and the marginalized reach new heights in their lives and beyond through inspirational arts so that they discover God’s Callings and become closer to Him.

We do that through inspirational art products, events, and enrichment programs, homeschooling curriculum and resources, and branding, graphics and publishing art services and training.

Dana Susan Beasley, a graphic artist, writer, and musician, is principal/publisher of AngelArts. Dedicated to providing excellently-designed ebooks, books, homeschooling curriculum, cards, stationery, gifts, and art services to homeschooling families, inspirational artists, entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts, Dana delights in sharing her gifts and talents and the talents of others with people who are passionate about spiritual, personal, educational, professional, ministrial, artistic, and relational growth.

Married to Travis Beasley, Dana is a homeschooling mother to her Asperger son, Sam. She helped her husband start his architectural business, Essential Pillar Architecture, and assists him with marketing and administration.

Why the name AngelArts? Because excellence in art and literature is very important to Dana, and inspirational art is her passion. The company’s mission, as Dana envisions it, is to be a vehicle. A vehicle for God’s glory, a vehicle for artists to grow in their careers, and a vehicle for her own gifts and talents to grow and help others in publishing, graphic arts, writing, and music.

Dana chose the name AngelArts because ever since she was a little girl she has been
reaching  for the arts. Her mother, Ann Neal, who is one of the featured artists in the show, took this photograph of her when she was a toddler, complete with tinsel halo above her head. She was always reaching for the piano, Mrs. Neal says, and wanted to learn from a young age. She finally was able to get lessons at age seven and is still playing (when time and homeschooling duties allow) on the same piano years later!

Who is the AngelArts Team? There is no way Dana could achieve these big goals on her own, so she has a very trusted team surrounding her. They are integral to everything we do! Here they are in alphabetical order:

Sam Beasley: Sam is our LARPing weapons and accessory creator and designer.

Travis Beasley: Travis is responsible for space layout and eventual building design. He is also a big helper and the main reason we can do any of this!

Tammie Polk: Tammie is Dana’s content director and all around cheerleader. She lives in Tennessee and is the author of many books and programs, including “The Virtuous Business Woman.” Although Dana and Tammie have never met in person, they share a special sisterhood bond that goes beyond the distance separating them.

Jacob Turner (aka Nathen Creed): Nathen is our acting development coach and is Dana’s nephew. He leads AngelArts LARPing club and acting classes. Nathen has been involved in acting his whole life and has directed several plays, including a homeschool production of Fiddler on the Roof. Nathen, an ordained minister, has taken Dana’s ideas for AngelArts and Blooming Originals (see below) to new heights she never would have dreamed of!

Jaden Turner (aka Victoria Zetterstone): Jaden, married to Nathen, is integral to AngelArts as a jewelry and craft designer and so much more. As the assistant to Dana and Nathen, she lends her creative talents to us on a continual basis. She is great with the children and parents and plays a vital role in our LARPing club.

What is Blooming Originals? Blooming Originals is the publishing imprint for AngelArts and is a community of aspiring artists who desire to bring glory to God through their work. Together, we create outstanding products and services that

  1. Inspire people toward excellence in arts

  2. Help budding artists (including children) grow in their artistry

  3. Encourage those facing hardships

  4. Shows God’s redeeming love

We consistent of all ages, from children to senior citizens, all income levels, and all life experiences.

Our vision for Blooming Originals is to build an Inspirational Healing and Arts Center, both locally and online. We are doing that by 1) holding these local Blooming Originals events and 2) creating a guild of inspirational artists.

Blooming Originals exists to help budding artists grow, to bring lasting inspirational art to communities, and to encourage hurting people (including the marginalized like the Autistic, those with mental illness, etc) overcome difficulties. An incubator for those who desire to show people the redeeming love of Christ through their artistry (or who inspire others by their work), we will be a membership guild that welcomes a diverse group of artists, not exclusive or expensive, but reachable for ordinary artists who often work in another capacity to earn a living.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me! Together we

can reach new heights in the creative arts and beyond!



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Wondering about AngelArts and what I offer? Then find out here!

I help you discover your callings and overcome obstacles

Dana Susan Beasley, principal, publisher, director, and founder of AngelArts.

Picnic at Estes Park

by Ann Neal

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