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Who Am I Anyway

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About AngelArts

Refreshment. Joy. Peace. Blessings. You want to be filled with these wonderful attributes of a fulfilling life but insurmountable objects stand in your way.

AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House, exists to help individuals and families reach new heights in their lives and beyond through branding and marketing training and resources, homeschooling curriculum, and inspirational products and publishing.

Dana Susan Beasley is principal/publisher of AngelArts. Dedicated to providing excellently-designed ebooks, books, homeschooling curriculum, cards, stationery, gifts, and art services to homeschooling families, inspirational artists, entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts, Dana delights in sharing her gifts and talents and the talents of others with people who are passionate about spiritual, personal, educational, professional, ministrial, artistic, and relational growth.

Dana, as an entrepreneurial specialist, helps business owners and homeschooling families create sizzling brands and businesses for themselves so they can experience dazzling futures! She is the creator of an online branding training program and entrepreneurial homeschooling curriculum, as well as audio training programs.

Married to Travis Beasley, Dana is a homeschooling mother to her Asperger son, Sam. She helped her husband start his architectural business, Essential Pillar Architecture, and assists him with marketing and administration.

What makes Dana different, especially when it comes to her branding training, is that she teaches her students how to overcome mindset difficulties, based on her own experiences. And as a graphic designer with over 20 years experience, she teaches her students how to create a well-constructed logo that attracts new business and helps her clients grow.

If you like this website, you'll love Dana's products and services that will help you reach new heights in your life, home, relationships, homeschooling, business, ministry, and artistry. Her products and services range from unique gifts and cards that will inspire your friends, family and associates and YOU; to ebooks and books that will transform your life TODAY; to brand marketing and product design that will make your business stand out above the crowd!

While Dana's expertise is in graphic arts, writing, publishing, and music, she also is a homeschooling mother devoted to working at home. Her desire is that AngelArts, and her work, will be a vehicle for God's glory. Because she is always reaching for new heights in her life and beyond and wants to inspire others to do the same!

Why the name AngelArts? Because excellence in art and literature is very important to Dana, and inspirational art is her passion. The company’s mission, as Dana envisions it, is to be a vehicle. A vehicle for God’s glory, a vehicle for artists to grow in their careers, and a vehicle for her own gifts and talents to grow and help others in publishing, graphic arts, writing, and music.

Dana chose the name AngelArts because ever since she was a little girl she has been reaching for the arts. Her mother, Ann Neal, who is the featured artist on the gallery page, took this photograph of her when she was a toddler, complete with tinsel halo above her head. She was always reaching for the piano, Mrs. Neal says, and wanted to learn from a young age. She finally was able to get lessons at age seven and is still playing (when time and homeschooling duties allow) on the same piano years later!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me! Together we

can reach new heights in the creative arts and beyond!



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Wondering about AngelArts and what I offer? Then find out here!

I help you discover your callings and overcome obstacles

Dana, dressed as an angel for Christmas, reaches for the arts even as a young child. This picture gave her the inspiration to name her company “AngelArts.”

Dana Susan Beasley, principal, publisher, and founder of AngelArts.

Picnic at Estes Park

by Ann Neal

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